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have been on the scene all morning long. megan gilliland joins us live there now with a look at the damage left 3 a baltimore county man faces charges accused of sexually assaulting a teenager and giving him h-i-v. h-i-v.police say back in february... steven podles and a 13 year old boy began talking through an app called √°grinder.√°the two agreed to meet up... and police say 36 year old podles... drove to essex and engaged in sexual activity with the boy... and according to the indictment... he infected the boy with hiv: "yea that's disguisting its like taking someone's life...i'm sure the older man knew" 3 "can not...as consensual, it is a crime" crime" police are not sure if there are any other victims... but they are contacting other people on grinder he may have contacted. friends and family gather to remember two maryland students.. and best friends... killed in a car crash... in west virginia... over the weekend.hundreds showed up at the students former high school in middle river. close to 200 people... most of them students... gathered at eastern tech high to reme
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1